2 Years in 2 Minutes

About 13creative

Fully-integrated creative agency

There are myriad reasons why 13creative came into being, but in February 2019, Chris Lightfoot launched the company – and an amazing journey has already unfolded within a short space of time.

We recognise that all clients are facing increasing amounts of pressure, with tight deadlines, along with the added expectation of staying ‘ahead of the curve’. Having worked for different companies over the last 20 years, 13creative combines our vast, pooled experience; and our primary mission is to produce great, creative work, as well as help clients deliver on their strategy. 

Challenging timelines are part of what we do – from time to time, they’re inevitable. We work with trusted, like-minded suppliers who collaborate with us to achieve outstanding results (including pulling those last-minute emergencies out of the bag!).