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Project Management


global project management

We provide a centralised platform for seamless collaboration, communication, and task delegation across global teams.

seamless, stress-free communication across all of your teams and projects

Speed up your creative processes - all the way from concept to approval. Our easy to access project management workflow removes roadblocks in communication, embedding us in the centre of your marketing strategy. We'll set up your teams, organise your outstanding tasks and liase with you on a daily basis to get the job done.

a familiar story?

An overstretched marketing team against the backdrop of a bustling global med-tech company like Epredia, orchestrating the branded materials for events all over the world. 

Each global sub-team scrambles, trying to pick the right materials, order in time, track delivery, and setup, all while keeping their fingers crossed that stock doesn't run dry.

It's a story echoed across many businesses where teams feel the burnout from managing bulky processes rather than focusing on what really matters - their marketing impact.​

our solution

custom HR and events marketing portal

global project management

on-demand creative services

EU storage and distribution hub

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The team is very responsive, proactive, able to understand our needs, creative, and able to deliver solutions that meet and exceed the expectations

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