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Exhibitions and bespoke builds

Creating a fully bespoke space can offer you the opportunity to reach very specific needs for your brief – perhaps an exhibition stand, a specialist learning environment, a retail space, or even an office refurbishment. Our bespoke build service allows us to create custom furniture, wall graphics, signage, installation pieces, lighting, wall panels, flooring, window vinyls, storage solutions, POS layout and more. This combination provides you with something you just can’t achieve with store-sourced solutions. Having your space custom-designed allows for almost unlimited variations in materials, colours, scale and function. If you can dream it, we can create it!

By choosing 13creative for your project, you will work with a team that is experienced in project management of  suppliers to co-ordinate the entire. As a creative agency, we have a great understanding of branding and how to communicate with consumers, creating a truly special customer journey. As part of our service, we like to get to know your brand and understand your values and objectives, ensuring we deliver the desired outcomes. We also value your experience, ensuring we communicate the vision with you, every step of the way – from initial discussions and concepts, design and mock-ups to development and final fit. Our work is carried out by quality craftsman with whom we have built strong relationships over time.

CreativeHUT STEAM Labs

We have worked with CreativeHUT on numerous occasions to build their STEAM Labs. These purpose-built environments are designed to make learning fun in an innovative and stimulating learning space. This frequently involves planning, research, furniture and lighting design and build, wall graphics, and more.

The Rag Shop retail space

When our online client The Rag Shop was taking their business into physical premises, we were asked to design and build custom furniture to suit their needs, as well as designing and fitting shop signage. This involved layout planning, research, design, build and fit.

CreativeHUT at Bett 2022

We designed CreativeHUT’s exhibition stand, with STEAM learning and exploration as the main focus, incorporating workshop space and a dedicated area for each of their clients to showcase their products. This project included research, design, build and fitting.

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