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13creative are your digital superheroes of working with B2B clients, and with 20+ years of experience, we hold an in-depth knowledge of marketing to and for your B2C customers.

We are 13CREATIVE, a small but mighty team of design and marketing heroes dedicated to helping you grow your company. Overwhelmed with planning a large corporate event or managing a social media account? No matter the size of the task, we can assist you. Let us become an extension of your marketing team, giving you the time to focus on your other priorities.

WHY 13creative

13creative are ready to grow your brand’s presence and maximise your brand’s impact across the UK and EMEA

Tight deadlines, limited resources, and the daunting task of making sure your brand makes an impression at events all over the world – we feel your pain.

But what if we told you there’s an easier way?

13creative are here to turn your global marketing woes into wins. With our arsenal of tools, resources, and industry expertise, we streamline your processes, save you precious time, and boost your ROI.

The unfortunate tale of Brexit

With an overstretched marketing team against the backdrop of a bustling global med-tech company like Epredia, orchestrating the branding for events spanning the world, each global sub-team scrambles, trying to pick the right materials, order in time, track delivery, and set up, all while hoping stock doesn’t run dry.

It’s a story echoed across many businesses where teams feel the burnout from managing bulky processes rather than focusing on what really matters – their marketing impact. 

The 13c solution
   Bespoke HR and events marketing portal
 Global project management
 On-demand creative services
 EU storage and distribution hub

I cannot recommend Chris and the team at 13creative enough!
They have become a pivotal part of our internal marketing
team and are always striving to deliver the best results for us.

Victoria Hudson
Senior Regional Marketing Manager

13creative is a trusted supplier with 5 star reviews 

Let’s collaborate on your next project

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