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On completion of the first two stages of the Arduino® Education campaign ‘Learn today, for tomorrow’, the eagerly and highly anticipated third and final stage of the campaign awaited…

Throughout each phase of the campaign, 13c have showcased the development from the initial concept to hands on learning, using still shots and illustration to portray the limitless potential from using Arduino Education’s learning kits and platform.

Evolving to the final stage of the campaign, 13c filmed each of the actors/actress’ interacting with the Arduino Education products. Utilising a set list, we covered hands-on-learning that is accessible at school or at home, along with the impact and learning outcomes that they provide, with the possible careers available to students who use Arduino Education’s Kits; from Environmental Scientist, Marine Engineer to an Astronaut.

To compliment the footage, we included a voice over from each of the actors to help tell the story of learning with Arduino Education. Ensuring the video footage was authentic and to capture the true brand ethos of Arduino Education, we worked with a remote team in Sweden, who provided the technical assistance on-set.

To help support the partners in final stage of the campaign, we provided multiple assets including a campaign calendar, web banners and a series of dynamic digital and social posts.

A truly creative and thoroughly enjoyable project to be involved in. The end result delivered within budget and on time, showcasing the learning from a concept to real-life, aspirational outcomes.

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