Arduino® Education

Learn today for tomorrow


13creative you are amazing! Thank you to Chris and the entire team. Everything that you do for us is tremendous and we look forward to working with you even more in the future.

Lotte Nørregaard Andersen


After the success of the first campaign ‘Reconnect with Arduino® Education’ 13creative were approached to be involved with a fresh, new campaign strategy for 2021, delivered in 3 stages throughout the year.

After taking the initial brief, we proposed creative that would enhance and build upon the ‘Learn today, for tomorrow’ message, delivering a campaign that would target both home and school learning.

Within our proposal, we set out the strategy for staged approach and delivery of the creative for the full campaign. With the different stages always in mind, the first part of the campaign saw 13creative work closely with a local stage school who supplied the models/actors required to deliver a photoshoot, adhering to COVID restrictions that were still firmly in place.

To capture the true brand ethos of Arduino® Education, we worked with remote teams in Italy and Sweden along with a range of different aged children and young adults, we delivered and showcased the limitless potential and possibilities with these educational tools.

Following the photoshoot, we set out to bring Arduino® Education to life integrating the use of illustration, to portray the creative potential and possible careers available to students who use Arduino® Education’s kits; from astronomer, scientist or engineer.

We provided the support to create multiple assets for the use in Google campaigns, in addition to creating a series of dynamic posts, social posts, web banners, social media hints and tips, a trade partner playbook and animated GIFs.

A truly creative and thoroughly enjoyable project to be involved in.


  • Strategy/planning
  • Brand lead consultant
  • Art direction
  • Design and artwork
  • Asset management
  • Photography
  • Animation