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Creative Hut

Bett 2023 Bett 2023

creative hut

Project Overview

Creative Hut aimed to make a significant impact at a national education technology conference, and the challenge was to design and oversee the construction of an exhibition stand that effectively showcased their products and capabilities.


  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Event Marketing

The Challenge

We were tasked with translating Creative Hut’s platform into a visually striking and engaging exhibition space. The challenge involved creating an environment that not only attracted conference attendees but also effectively communicated the educational benefits of Creative Hut to educators and professionals.

Our Approach

From conceptualization to execution, our agency oversaw the construction of the exhibition stand, ensuring that it met the highest standards of visual appeal and functionality. The result was a captivating and interactive presence at the education technology conference, where Creative Hut not only showcased its products but also successfully engaged with the target audience.

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