BIG BANG events and Raising Robots

Early in the life of 13creative, LEGO® Education commissioned us to design, project manage, build and install four exhibition events across the UK. Involving transportation around the country, we created, delivered and installed at a number of venues, each time re-packing and then re-installing in a different location the next day. This was achieved across all four events over a three-week time period. A mammoth task, all successfully realised! 

And at the BETT exhibition, to continue to attract their loyal customer base for another year, our client Raising Robots requested that we ship their existing exhibition stand and install. We ensured that logistics and Health and Safety were meticulously planned and accessories such as head microphones and TVs were delivered on time. They successfully presented their fully-functioning stand, until the time came for us to disassemble and return it all safely to their offices for the next outing.


  • Design and artwork
  • Print
  • Stand build and installation
  • Health and Safety compliancy
  • Project management