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creative hut

Project Overview

A leading Creative Education & STEAM partner needed develop an engaging and informative tool that effectively showcased the it innovative educational offerings, fostering engagement and driving interest among its target audience.


  • Graphic design
  • Branding
  • Creative

The Challenge

CreativeHUT faced the challenge of effectively communicating the breadth and depth of its services within the constraints of a traditional brochure format. Additionally, the partner sought to digitise the brochure to expand its reach and accessibility across digital platforms. This task involved capturing the essence of the partner's diverse educational programs through compelling product photography while designing and paginating the brochure for optimal presentation and readability.

Our Approach

We crafted captivating product photography and dynamic page layouts to effectively showcase the partner's diverse educational programs. Pagination was strategically organised to ensure seamless navigation and readability, while digitisation optimised the brochure for online sharing, extending its reach across digital platforms. This holistic approach not only enhanced accessibility but also facilitated easy dissemination among educators, parents, and students interested in Creative Education & STEAM initiatives, ultimately positioning the partner as a leader in innovative educational offerings.

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