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EGG Charity

Project Overview

EGG (Engage, Grow, Go) confronted the substantial challenge of creating a unique brand identity from scratch, all while working within the constraints of a limited marketing budget.
Unlike larger national organisations, EGG needed a distinctive brand that would resonate with their local community and convey their ethos effectively. Our creative agency was enlisted to design a comprehensive brand identity and formulate a social media marketing calendar to promote EGG’s mission, emphasising community engagement and driving traffic to their website.

We crafted a strategic social media marketing calendar, focusing on community engagement. This calendar highlighted EGG’s activities, success stories, and initiatives, creating a narrative that resonated with the local audience. By leveraging a purposeful combination of impactful branding and engaging social media content, our approach not only elevated EGG’s online presence but also fostered meaningful connections within the North West community, successfully driving traffic to their website despite budget constraints.

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