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Christmas campaign
EGG Charity

Project Overview

EGG wanted to create a Christmas donation campaign that was unique to their approach to tackling homelessness around the North West.
The challenge lay in crafting a campaign that not only captured the festive spirit but also effectively communicated EGG’s mission and the significance of their ‘Slippers’ campaign. The goal was to encourage donations by creating a heartwarming and emotionally resonant video that would stand out during the busy holiday season on social media platforms.

The video aimed to deliver a powerful message: ‘give a homeless person somewhere to put their feet up this Christmas.’ Using poignant imagery, we crafted a narrative comparing a ‘normal’ Christmas to the stark reality faced by those on the streets. Simultaneously, a targeted paid social media campaign was deployed on Facebook and Instagram, maximizing reach and engagement. The emphasis was on creating shareable, emotionally resonant content that effectively communicated EGG’s mission, encouraging viewers to contribute to the cause during the festive season.

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