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Project Overview

Lineup, a global media advertising leader, faced the challenge of building a website that effectively showcased its innovative audience monetization and sales solutions.


  • Web Design
  • UX
  • Videography

The Challenge

With a focus on two pivotal software programs tailored for publishers, the client sought a website that not only highlighted the technical aspects but also engaged audiences through dynamic and stats-focused design. To amplify their impact, Lineup asked us to create a website that not only displayed their software capabilities but also featured engaging talking head interviews, produced by our team.

Our Approach

The two core software programs took centre stage in a visually compelling layout, accentuated by intuitive navigation and captivating graphics. Going beyond conventional presentations, we integrated exclusive talking head interviews featuring industry experts and Lineup representatives. These in-house-produced videos injected a personalised touch, offering real-world insights into the software's applications and benefits.

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