Makeblock Brochure


13 Creative is a very professional and exceptional partner to work with. They would first learn and understand our stories as a company, our principles and culture, and dive in from there to create the best solutions for us. This truly gives a perfect answer to our requests based on our genes and our stories. And because of this involvement, I am very confident with further projects because I believe they begin to understand us, not as a client, but as a story. I enjoyed every moment working with the team.

Yu Hu



Makeblock Education approached 13c to help provide a creative spark to their brochure offering to take to market, targeting the education sector and decision makers within education. They wanted to provide trade partners with their own Makeblock Education brochure that they can brand as their own, this included translating the brochure into French, Spanish and German.

Makeblock Education offer a range of software and hardware that helps people turn their ideas into reality. Their products cover a range of age groups, from early childhood education to higher education, providing teachers with the tools they need to enable students to be creators, inventors, and entrepreneurs.

13c immersed themselves and worked closely with the team at Makeblock to fully understand the brief and importantly, their brand story. Working with their existing brand guidelines, we ensured that every element complimented their brand and offering.

Our expertise lies in detailing and fine-tuning every page, every part of graphic design, every paragraph and the image of the final product. So every inch of this marketing campaign has a stamp of Makeblock’s story.


  • Design and Artwork
  • Asset Management
  • HTML Build
  • Art Work
  • Creative
  • Translations
  • Brochures
  • Print