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Makeblock Education

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Project Overview

Makeblock sought to showcase the versatility of their offerings through content that was not only fun and colourful but also highlighted the practical use of their products in real-life educational scenarios. 


  • Social Media Management
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation

The Challenge

When tasked with managing Makeblock's social media presence, a significant challenge arose: effectively conveying the vibrancy and educational value of their products, particularly in a classroom setting.

Our Approach

In tackling the challenge of managing Makeblock's social media, our strategy centered on crafting dynamic, colorful, and fun content that showcased the practical usability of their educational robotics products within classroom settings. The content, characterized by bright visuals and an engaging tone, not only captured the attention of educators and students but also conveyed the educational value of Makeblock's products in fostering creativity within the learning environment.

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