Ralawise 2021 Proposition

The brief

2020 hit us all like a bolt out of the blue! In years gone by, from September, we would be managing a team of up to 20 people, all burning the midnight oil trying to meet the print deadline. But this year, we were propelled to find new ways of working – actually when we had time to stop, think, and adapt; we found a better offering which will benefit Ralawise and their customers.

We developed a strategy for 2021 which will see not one 1000-page directory, but 3 smaller season-specific catalogues distributed every few months throughout the year. Supported with an improved HTML offering.

And to meet Ralawise’s customer requirements, they will provide them with the option of choosing their own front cover, adding their logo and details. And customers will have the option of tailoring their HTMLs to their own pricing.

Knowing that Ralawise’s customers now need as much support as possible, we are progressing a new and improved marketing hub to give their customers access to a range of marketing tools.

To communicate all of this to customers, we designed a suite of materials for the sales team, which included a 3-minute video informing customers of the new offering. It also included an interactive and dynamic presentation for the sales team to demonstrate next year’s offering, as well as building a store front in order for customers to choose their own covers.

We’re hoping it will bring Ralawise lots of success, so watch this space.