Ralawise 2021 Proposition


In years gone by, from August through to December, we would be managing a team of 20+ people, all burning the midnight oil meeting the print and delivery deadlines in place. However, 2020 had other plans and working this way just wasn’t an option.

We sprang into action to brainstorm, create, adapt and deliver to the ‘new normal’ taking the time to stop, think, and adapt; we put in place a fresh, new marketing strategy, a customer offering which would see Ralawise deliver to their customers including some industry firsts.

Instead of one chance to market with a 1000-page directory, we proposed a strategy that included 3 smaller, season-specific, target-focused  distributed throughout the year, providing more opportunities to market.

In addition to the print and always keeping an eye on new and emerging trends, we proposed a new, improved digital catalogue offering. Allowing the ability to share instantly with their customers, the options of choosing their own front cover, adding their logo and contact details and in an INDUSTRY FIRST, customers can now have their own pricing structure within the brochure, full of image galleries, video footage, close ups and links to their own website; the ability to achieve a customer journey that is literally just a click away from purchase.

To communicate all of this to customers, we designed a suite of materials for the sales team, which included a 3-minute video informing customers of the new offering, presented within an interactive and dynamic presentation. as well as building a store front in order for customers to choose their own covers.

A complete fresh approach and a new marketing strategy, together with our client, we always endeavour to think outside the box and deliver to achieve a successful campaign with clever, thoughtful and creative solutions.


  • New marketing strategy
  • Art direction
  • Design and artwork
  • HTLM build