Ralawise New Styles Best Sellers


Each year, [and with every project at 13c] the target is always to deliver the very best directory, whilst always thinking outside the box. To deliver fresh ideas together with a successful campaign involving clever, thoughtful and creative solutions.

This year brought new challenges, driving us to change the way we work, adapt our current strategies to produce a fresh new look.  We moved away from the annual directory and proposed 3 smaller, season-specific, target-focused look books, distributed throughout the year, providing more opportunities to market.

To kick start the new year we went out with the first look book; New Styles Best Sellers. A brochure packed with all the best-selling styles for the year ahead, along with all the new styles available, it’s full of ideas to inspire!

Mindful that, during the current challenging climate, Ralawise customers require more creative thinking and solutions to stay ahead – 13c delivered what they need, fully customisable brochures accessible from home or on the move via mobile.

These fully interactive brochures come packed with image galleries and catwalk videos, along with a choice of personalised cover options. AND in an INDUSTRY first, customers can now have their own pricing within the brochure and each product linking through to their own website. Customers now have instant access to the new offering placing them literally just a click away from their favourite products.


  • New marketing strategy
  • Art direction
  • Design and artwork
  • HTLM build
  • Asset Management