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Project Overview

Ralawise, a prominent clothing distribution company, has the task of creating annual product brochures that continue to excite and engage existing customers each year. Our ongoing creative support encompasses the entire scope of this undertaking, from campaign concept to product photography, pagination, layout design and printing, we harness a meticulous full-service approach.


  • Graphic design
  • Product photography
  • Creative campaigns

The Challenge

The challenge was twofold - not only did the client need a visually appealing and informative brochure that effectively showcased their wide range of products, but they also needed an online version that provided an interactive, user-friendly experience for their customers. Managing these tasks in-house alongside a large-scale distribution process was proving time-consuming and ineffective, affecting their operational efficiency.

Our Approach

We initiated the process with creative brainstorming sessions to conceptualise a theme that would align with the client's brand identity and appeal to their target audience. Post-approval, the team gathered product images from all of the featured brand, taking additional shots when needed to ensure every detail was accentuated. The pagination and page design stage followed, where our designers meticulously arranged the products and crafted visually appealing pages. Simultaneously, we developed an online version of the brochure. This version was designed to be interactive, with clickable links directing users to product details, ensuring a smooth and engaging digital shopping experience. Our end-to-end approach resulted in captivating print and digital brochures, enhancing the client's brand visibility and customer engagement.

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