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Project Overview

Within the broader scope of EGG Charity’s initiatives, a unique challenge emerged with The Hatchery housing project – the need to create a robust brand identity for a funding presentation.


  • Graphic Design
  • Branding

The Challenge

EGG sought to provide a designated landing page, along with a distinctive brand, print and digital brochures, web design, and social media posts to promote The Hatchery. The challenge was to seamlessly integrate this housing project's identity within the overarching EGG brand while effectively conveying its mission and offerings.

Our Approach

We designed a dedicated landing page and created a cohesive brand identity that seamlessly integrated with EGG's overarching brand, ensuring consistency. This extended to the development of print and digital brochures, user-friendly web design, and strategic social media posts. The designated landing page served as an immersive digital hub, while brochures and web design conveyed comprehensive information.

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