The Rag Shop Brand Guidelines


Creating a brand identity is more than just a logo. To truly portray the brands’ image, we get right under the skin to understand and know the company, the ethos, their values and the aspirations of the people involved with the brand.

The Rag Shop came into existence at the beginning of COVID 19, as the owner seized on the opportunity of turning her dream into a reality.

The online contemporary fabric shop was a roaring success straight from the off. To capitalise on this initial success, a brand identity was required. The Rag Shop approached 13creative to help create a brand around the existing logo; to create brand awareness and importantly, consistency for the brand across all forms on media and online platforms. We created a visual identity that represents the brand, which consists of not just the logomark, but also a complementary colour scheme, tone of voice and typography that breathes life into the visual form of the brand and adds value and compliments the owner of the brand.


  • Brand lead consultant
  • Design and artwork
  • Asset management