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At the beginning of 2021, Verde Apparel approached us to help with the launch of their sustainable clothing line. Their mission is to provide stylish streetwear using the most environmentally friendly means necessary. Included in this project, 13creative supplied branding, website design, and social media management.

Our team carefully researched the market to establish an on-trend, eco-friendly visual identity for Verde Apparel. Introducing signature vibrant colours, working with our custom-designed Verde created font, the branding makes a statement to perfectly complement their slogan: ‘on the verge of impactful change’.

Accompanying this, 13creative designed and developed a minimalistic and easy to navigate e-commerce webshop with a focus on their sustainable message throughout. Prior to Verde’s launch, 13creative project managed and directed a photoshoot of product and studio photography, which has been used throughout their online store and social media.

To help support Verde with their launch, 13creative also manages the sustainable clothing brands social media accounts, creating and writing daily posts across the social platforms.

Since Verde Apparel launched in November, we have implemented a digital strategy to grow their online presence and establish a solid customer base from which to build upon.

As our partnership with Verde Apparel continues and with excitement, we look forward to watching their business grow.

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