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Video marketing is a great way to capture your target audience with an engaging promotion, for your website, at an event or across social media. They can be used to tell a story, promote a product or service, or even to create a relationship between you and the viewer. In recent years, we have seen a big digital push towards video media, with platforms such as Instagram and Facebook favouring video content. Creating an impactful video is a dynamic way to get noticed, allowing you to connect with the viewer in a direct and accessible format, appealing to a global audience.

Videos offer so much scope in reflecting your brand’s personality, outlining key points and communicating your message. There are many ways to create a video – for example, filming organic footage or using images and animation to build a campaign. Aspects such as pace, sound, colour and imagery can play a huge role in delivering the correct message – and this is where the expertise of our team can help you.

Alongside our video capabilities, we also offer a photographic service, for product imagery, capturing a special event, team photos, or for other content in relation to your website and social media outlets. We have experience in capturing and editing high-resolution images to support your campaign, and then marketing them to align with your branding.

We handle every aspect of video or photographic projects, including research, planning and strategic vision, storyboarding, development, filming and production, editing and effects, and final delivery. We are able to work collaboratively, on-site and in-house, to provide a reliable, high-quality service to achieve your goals.

Ralawise – Printwear & Promotion LIVE!

Ralawise commissioned us to create a promotional video to showcase their industry-leading service and website at a commercial event. Creating this video involved planning, strategy, storyboarding, building and editing, as well as incorporating animated details into the final product.

Makeblock Education content creation

As part of our content creation service, we regularly create video content for our clients at Makeblock Education. This allows us to feature their products in action and communicate a strong message to the viewer. 

Arduino® Education ‘Learn today, for tomorrow’ campaign

After the success of their previous campaign, Arduino Education again involved us in their ‘Learn today, for tomorrow’ campaign, which incorporated video production and edit, as well as photography.

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