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4 Reasons Why Brand Guidelines Are Vital to Your Business 

Brand guidelines are the key to great opportunities for your business, but what are they and why are they so important? Well, in this article, we are going to be giving you an insight into the topic of brand guidelines and how it will impact your business if you brush over them.  

What Are Brand Guidelines? 

This is a common question and to put it simply, they are a set of rules that will set and define the look and tone of your brand. Guidelines for your brand will give you a strong foundation to build your identity as a business. It is a great tool for creating a sense of familiarity within your target audience and without brand guidelines you will risk the credibility of your business. 

Take a look below at the possibilities that will most-likely happen if you don’t create strong brand guidelines: 

It Will Question Your Company’s Legitimacy 

If there is a lack of secure branding for your company, you are risking potentially losing customers. Without your visual identity, it will make it more difficult to make B2B or B2C connections, we want to avoid this at all costs. Without that brand legitimacy, it will result in confusing customers, clients, and question if you offer genuine services or products.  

It Will Decrease Your Chance to Stand Out from Your Competitors 

If you currently have branding that is bland and safe you want to avoid this and invest in better branding as soon as possible. Why? You are running the risk of being overshadowed by your competitors. This is damaging especially when you have worked so hard to get your business up and running. Your branding will define first impressions, so make sure you think logically and outside the box to come out number 1! 

Without a Bespoke Brand Identity, You’re Risking a Decrease in Established Trust 

If you want to create a legacy within the industry you specialise in, your brand identity is vital. You want to create something that people will instantly recognise you for. Your brand guidelines must show dedication to your craft, and loyalty to your customers and clients in order to build that trust and prestigious reputation. 

No Visual Identity Means No Voice 

Lastly, this point is probably one of the most important ones of all. If your brand guidelines aren’t clear or show passion about what you do, then it will decrease your voice. A brand voice is a vital part of growth and being a business. You want your business to be authentic, so having strong brand guidelines will help you tell your target audience why you are the best in your industry. 

To remove any of these risks, we strongly recommend contacting us for reliable and professional advice and guidance to create branding that will serve you well. For more information about our creative agency, then please get in touch with our 13 Creative team today! 

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